Democracy Club

Getting things done in your constituency

There’s only a few days until the next general election.

In 2010 7,000 non-partisan volunteers got together as Democracy Club and got stuck in doing a range of useful, simple activities like working out who all the candidates were, and collecting information about what they thought about major issues. But it was just an experiment, and one that was started a bit too close to the election to have much impact.

In 2015 we want to do far better, and so we’re starting far earlier. We want to form a community of people who just want the election to be better. More facts, less bluster. More issues, fewer non-stories.

Who are we? We’re Sym Roe and Will Moy. We aren’t exactly an army, and we don’t have any money. But we are two people who think that in these ultra-sceptical times there must be a bunch of other people out there who think that we can work together to make the next election just suck less.

We don’t have many plans yet, but if you want to be involved please let us have your email, or follow us on twitter. We need to work together to work out how to make this the best election Britain’s ever had.

Let’s get talking.